Chris DeSantis



Chris DeSantis is the CIO of the Surety Family of Companies. Chris directs information technology operations for Surety’s nationwide services, which currently spans over 31 brands, 42 locations and 400 users. Chris is also responsible for overseeing the Sales, Marketing, Innovation and Compliance Divisions under the Surety umbrella of companies. As the CIO, Chris has the responsibility of researching, testing and implementing the industry’s leading technology platforms and software solutions.

He began his career with Surety in 2006, and now has over 15 years’ experience in the Title Insurance Services industry. Chris did everything from back-office support, accounting, settlements, business development, marketing, compliance and operations, but spent 8 of those years with a significant emphasis in Information Technology and Innovation.  Chris has his B.S. degree in Finance from Rutgers University-Camden.


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