Foreclosure Transactions, Simplified

Every commercial transaction is unique, and when your transaction involves a foreclosure, it can be particularly complex. At Surety, we provide specialized foreclosure services from a team of experienced professionals equipped to handle all elements of the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process. We provide dedicated service to handle even the most complex transactions.

Surety’s Commercial Foreclosure Services provides:

  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process services that meet all state code requirements
  • Specialized, experienced foreclosure professionals trained to satisfy the unique requirements of your transaction
  • Seasoned underwriting counsel on all files, regardless of size, included in the pricing
  • Lender-assisted asset transfers
  • Multi-site, multi-state acquisitions/dispositions
  • Trustee sale and litigation guarantees
  • Responsive, experienced underwriting collaboration
  • Non-monetary foreclosure services
Why Us

Why Us?

With Surety, you are working with the industry’s top professionals. Our team will close your transaction smoothly and quickly with single-point responsibility and accountability regardless of property location, number of properties or number of participants.

What Do We Offer

What Do We Offer?

Oh, you know— just cutting-edge technology systems that streamline and speed your processes. Our experts provide quick, responsive title underwriting, closing, and recording services on a range of commercial and residential transactions.