Title search and insurance are critical pieces of commercial real estate transactions.

By guaranteeing the chain of ownership, Surety plays an important role in verifying and transferring ownership rights to the buyers of commercial property. The work we do protects buyers, sellers, and developers throughout the transaction.

Anyone who has been involved in a commercial real estate deal knows how complex they can be. With so many moving pieces—including joint venture financing, zoning issues, contractor disputes, and more—ownership and responsibility for liabilities related to commercial properties can often delay the progress of a deal.

Given the complexity of the field, choosing a proven, trusted title company is imperative—and can make a real difference in the speed of the settlement, and therefore the ability to realize returns on any given deal. 

Commercial Title Search & Insurance

Title insurance is an essential part of the real estate purchasing process, as it offers both protection and peace of mind for buyers and lenders. While Surety’s title search experts make every effort to uncover all potential problems with a title, not every issue can be found during a search.

Surety’s commercial title insurance policies protect holders against loss or damage related to problems that may arise with the title on the property, including unresolved liens, ongoing lawsuits and boundary disputes, fraudulent or misfiled paperwork, zoning issues, and more. 

Settlement Services

Surety’s settlement services enable commercial real estate professionals to complete seamless transactions. Backed by proprietary technology, these services enable us to track every stage of the transaction, conduct quality control checks, and ensure every piece of the process happens on time, every time.

To learn more about Surety’s settlement services, including how we can help with signing confirmation, disbursement of funds, recording of mortgage, and more, click here.