Our services provide a snapshot status of the lien priority of your mortgage, a lien analysis, copies of all documents listed on the PPR, and customized reporting.

Current Owner of Record

  • Current Vesting Deed Information
  • Unreleased Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Foreclosure Actions
  • Subordination Agreements
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Legal Description
Why Us

Why Us?

With Surety, you are working with the industry’s top professionals. Our team will close your transaction smoothly and quickly with single-point responsibility and accountability regardless of property location, number of properties or number of participants.

What Do We Offer

What Do We Offer?

Oh, you know— just cutting-edge technology systems that streamline and speed your processes. Our experts provide quick, responsive title underwriting, closing, and recording services on a range of commercial and residential transactions.