How Does 1031 Exchange Work?

Real estate investment is a path to wealth, but with it come capital gains taxes that cut into your funds. 

What Is a Short Form Title Insurance Policy?

Some title searches are more complicated than others. It follows that the insurance policies these searches produce range in complexity as well.

Why Is the Abstract of Title Important to Realtors?

Realtors sell properties for a living. That’s simply understood, but it's a far more complex process beneath the surface. The market determines much of their pricing, they need willing buyers, and..

How To Choose A Title Company

Title isn’t something people think about during the home-buying process. This is especially true of first-time buyers. They’re more concerned, perhaps rightfully so, with school districts, move-in..

Title Search vs. Title Insurance

What’s the difference between a title search and title insurance? You’ll hear the terms come up as you get closer to closing on a new home, so it’s good to know exactly what they are. 

Commercial Title Search, Explained

You can never be too thorough when it comes to making a commercial real estate purchase. After all, you’re prepared to invest a huge amount of money, and you need to consider everything. The..

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